Our Story

Doing hair has been an immense source of joy for me since 2012 but in 2020 the world took a turn that forever changed the landscape of our lives, leaving most of us to reconcile next steps. 

I missed spending time with my clients AND the worst part was my inability to nurture their hair during such a pivotal, isolated, and stressful time. 

As I attempted to pick up the pieces to regroup, the solution became clear. I leaned on a tried and true family recipe that withstood the test of time and formulated Flourish, a clean hair oil with vital nutrients blessed with the anointing of grandma’s hands.  




Q: Does Flourish or Beard Boss contain ingredients that may be sensitive to users?

A: Flourish and Beard Boss do contain coconut oil and almond oil. Please see ingredient list available on the product page.

Q: Are there specific storage instructions for the oil?

Please store oils at room temperature.

Q: When should I apply the oil to my hair?

A: During your morning routine or whenever your hair needs some moisture & shine.

Q: How often throughout the week should I use the oil?

A: Frequency varies by customer, however, you can use it daily.

Q: Can the oil be applied anywhere outside my scalp?

A: Yes, the oil can be applied on your hair as well as your skin. 

Q: How much is too much oil?

A: Amounts vary by customer based on their personal preference. We recommend starting with 2-3 small drops. A small amount goes a long way! Apply as needed to areas seeking help with growth, restoration, and/or moisture.

Q: Does the product help promote hair growth for all ages?

A: Yes, the oil can help promote hair growth for all users.

Q: Should the Beard Boss only get applied in the beard area?

A: Beard Boss can be applied to the beard, hair, and skin.

Q: What does Flourish smell like?

A: It smells refreshing with gentle notes of rose and mint.

Q: What does Beard Boss smell like?

A: It smells too damn good!

Q: What’s the consistency of the oil?

A: It is a light weight formulation with high absorption to effectively help moisturize and penetrate hair/skin.

Q: What effects does the oil have on skin?

A: It renews, restores, moisturizes, and more! 

Q: Is the product for external use only?

A: Yes! 

Q: How many days does the product take to ship?

A: Shipping times vary based on the selected shipment method, however, our target is 3-5 business days.

Recommended Use: Apply Externally As Needed To Areas Seeking Help With Growth, Restoration, And/Or Moisture